Meet the Team

City Physio has three experienced physiotherapists working from the practice in Southsea, Portsmouth. Dominic, Rachel or Jon will be able to help with whatever  problems you are suffering. You can contact us on 02392832921 or by e-mail on

Dominic founded City Physio in 1993, initially practicing in shared offices on Fratton Bridge and from a number of satellite clinics around Portsmouth. The clinic expanded over a couple of years and needed a new home and a fair amount of searching lead to our current location in Granada Road in Southsea.

The current premises were a Guest House when we purchased them and whilst not quite on the point of falling down, were not far off. Indeed at times during the refurbishment it felt like it would have been easier to knock it all down and start again.

We opened our shiny new doors in January 1998 almost a year after we purchased the building and they have seen plenty of traffic since. Some internal works over the last 12 years have enabled us to keep improving our facilities and create more space and City Physio now numbers two physiotherapists and two support staff. The clinic also houses an acupuncture clinic and we have counselling services provided by Ken Clifford Counselling and Jacqui Chandler-Wilson

The future

We aim to provide the best services and facilities for our clients.To this end we gained planning approval in the summer of 2010 to extend the practice which will allow us to provide a larger waiting area, bigger treatment rooms and space for new facilities which will be of interest to our cycling clients.


The Practice Team


Dominic Dentry

Dominic was born and grew up in Portsmouth, attending Priory School and Portsmouth College (although it was called Portsmouth Sixth Form College back then) before studying Physiotherapy at the Middlesex Hospital, London. He qualified 1993 and has worked in Southsea since, starting City Physiotherapy Centre in 1994.

His main clinical interests are in the treatment of neck and back problems and sports medicine. Spinal problems account for around half the workload of the clinic and Dominic along with his colleague Rachel Heda, take the time to make a thorough assessment of problems to try and establish the root cause before deciding on an appropriate course of action in partnership with their patients.

Many physiotherapists will express an interest in sports injuries but Dominic, uniquely in the Portsmouth area has been involved at the highest level. He has worked as Team Great Britain Physiotherapist with six different sports in 18 different countries (to date). This has included attendance at Commonwealth Games, World University Games, Youth Olympic Games and more than 15 Gymnastics World and European Championships. He has recently taken part in Olympic Test Events for Sailing and Gymnastics and will be spending the Olympic Games at the O2 looking after the Gymnastics Teams from around the world as part of the Host Nation team.

“Looking after elite athletes is a bit like looking after a Formula 1 racing car – they require a lot of attention to keep them running properly. The more you push the boundaries of your performance the more likely you are to find the breaking point of your body tissues or cause something to break down under repeated stress.”

Dominic Dentry

The attention to detail required to work at this level and the experience gained is available to his patients in the clinic as well as at major championships.


Rachel Heda


Rachel hails from the city “up the road”  and sadly is now the only person in the practice who supports a Premiership Team – but we try not to hold that against her. She graduated from Southampton University with an honours degree in physiotherapy and first came to our notice when she spent time in the practice as part of her final year studies.


Rather than let her considerable talents be used elsewhere, she joined the clinic soon after qualifying on a part time basis, splitting her time between the clinic and occupational health roles in Hampshire Fire Service and Barclays Bank service centres. Her role with Hampshire Fire & Rescue involved helping injured firefighters return to work and maintaining the fitness levels of both the retained and full time service personnel around the county. Barclays Bank called on her services to keep a busy team in the high pressure environment of a call centre in working order – a role which called for well developed counselling skills in adddition to physical skills normally expected of a Physiotherapist!


In 2010 we were very pleased to be able to lure Rachel away from these distractions and have her working within the clinic on a full time basis (or what we consider full time). She is available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday which compliments Dominic’s work schedule of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


Without doubt the most “grown up” member of staff despite being the youngest, Rachel is the person to ask if something absolutely has to be done at a certain time. She also seemlessly takes charge when Dominic is away on his travels with different sports teams, managing her own patients list as well as seeing any of his patients whose troubles can’t wait until his return.


Rachel has recently been working with Sport England national level netball tournaments, providing physiotherapy cover at events around the country and working closely with the rest of the medical team.


Jon Charman


Jon trained to be a physiotherapist at the the University of East London, graduating with an Honours Degree in 2001 and came to Portsmouth to start his professional career within the local Hospitals. He then spent some time travelling before returning to continue his career in London and undertake further education in the form of a Post Graduate Diploma in Trauma and Orthopaedics.


A comment from another physiotherapy colleague and a bit of Sherlock Holmes detective work about our recent building works  lead Jon to figure that a practice which was building new rooms might need new Physiotherapists to fill them  and he joined City Physio in late 2011 and splits his time between us and a mixture of Hospital and clinic based work in West Sussex.


Not content with already being the person in the practice who has the most letters after his name (with the possible exception of acupuncturist Roz), Jon is part way through a Masters Degree with a focus on the upper limb.  This will perfectly compliment his special interest in Shoulder problems and the skills already on offer in the Clinic from Dominic and Rachel.


When he is not causing the printers problems with fitting all his qualifications on one side of a business card, Jon enjoys Triathlon (someone has to!). Jon is available at City Physio on Wednesdays and Fridays, meaning that there are now two physiotherapists working in the clinic every day of the week to enable us to offer you was wide a range of appointment times as possible.




Reception based superstar Craig first came to the practice following a horrific road traffic accident which could easily have ended his life. We spent a long time helping him to rebuild his broken bits (which at times seemed to be most of him!)


Rebuilding his life after the accident involved learning new skills and training for a different career. A throwaway remark during a treatment session lead to Craig joining the practice and he soon became the person whose absence is felt most keenly when he is away.


If you call the practice in the mornings it is most likely to be Craig who answers the phone, finds you an appointment, e-mails you a reminder (if you require it) and then makes sure all your details arrive in the correct treatment room on the right day at the right time.


Never without a smile on his face, first in every morning, coffee maker just when it is most needed, Craig is example to anyone who has faced adversity in their life and is a testament to the resilience of his character and his attitude to life.




Queen of reception duties in the afternoons, Lisa picks up where Craig leaves off and brings her own unique mix of skills to the post.


She spent the last 7 years looking after finance for McLaren Racing and although she does not get to meet Lewis Hamilton & Jensen Button at work any more, we like to feel the fine mix of staff and patients she encounters more than makes up for it!


Hard working, bright and friendly it is likely to be Lisa you speak to if you call in the afternoon or early evening.