Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions we are probably asked most often and hopefully you should find yours answered here. If the answer is not here then please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can use the link at the bottom of the page or call us.


Where are you?

We are situated at 61 Granada Road in Southsea. This is the Canoe Lake end of the road and we are on the ground floor of the third house in on the right. You can find our location here.


What should I wear?

Appropriate dress – please wear or bring something that will enable us to see what we are treating whilst maintaining your modesty! Shorts if treating lower limbs, sleeveless tops for upper limbs, loose clothing or gym type kit for backs. We realise that this is a very personal thing – some people are quite embarrassed about removing their clothing while others do not mind. We are sensitive to this and will try at all times to accommodate you.

If your problem relates to running, please bring your running shoes with you.

Please also bring X-rays, scans or investigation results if you have them.


How can I pay?

You can with credit or debit card, cash or cheque.


Can I choose who I see?

We have three excellent physiotherapists, two male and one female. You may have been recommended to see a particular physiotherapist and we will of course accommodate this.

You may have a more general recommendation to the practice rather than to an individual and we will ask if you have a preference to see a man or a woman. When people are in a lot of pain the answer is often; “I don’t mind, whoever has the first free appointment!”

For other people the time of their appointment is the most important consideration and we will make arrangements accordingly.


When can I get an appointment?

The clinic opens from 9am-7.00pm Monday to Friday. We can also arrange for home visits.


Where can I park?

We have our own onsite parking facilities for you whilst visiting the clinic. If the car park is full the street outside does not have any time or residents only restrictions.


Do you accept Health Insurance?

Yes, we are registered with all of the major insurance companies, (BUPA, AXAPPP, WPA, Aviva, PruHealth etc). If  your health insurance company is paying for your treatment please remember to bring your policy details and pre-authorisation number if you have one.


What will happen on my first visit?

The physiotherapist will take a history of your problem  and will then make a detailed physical examination to get to the root of your problem. We will then explain the nature of your whatever is wrong with you and discuss with you the best way to treat it. We are usually able to start treatment on your first visit. Most treatments are pain free, at most there may be mild discomfort, although the therapist will explain and discuss treatment before starting.


If your question is not answered above, click on the link below to contact us.