Neck Problems

A quick glance at our diary shows that if the reasons that people come to see us were football teams, Neck pain would be Chelsea to Back pain’s Manchester United! Neck pain varies from waking up with a crick in your neck to soreness after spending too long looking at a computer screen to the pattern of injures which follow a road traffic accident and are commonly termed “whiplash”.

Whilst the crick in your neck may settle itself without any treatment some problems are longer lasting and require professional help and advice.

What can we do to help?

As with any problem that we see at City Physio, our first priority is to take a thorough history and make a full examination to establish the exact nature of your condition and the best way to help. Some of the types of problem we see more frequently are described below.

Whiplash Injuries

Here at City Physio we specialise in the treatment of neck problems which are caused by road traffic accidents and which fall under the umbrella term of whiplash. We have been treating victims of road traffic accident since 1994 and have built excellent working relationships with a number of local solicitors and we are preferred providers for a range of companies who help the victims of accidents recover from their injuries.

As an indication, around one third of all patients who are seen in the clinic are suffering from some type of whiplash related disorder. We understand just how stressful being involved in a road traffic accident can be (in fact Dominic was unfortunate to be hit in the rear while travelling to Lilleshall National Sports Centre in August 2010 so has recent first hand knowledge of the problems which can ensue!) At City Physio we take the time to get the full story of the accident as it gives us important information about the nature and severity of injuries which may have been suffered. Our patients often find it useful to explain their injuries and experiences to someone who is listening to just them and who understands the difficulties they may be facing.

Most whiplash injuries caused by road traffic accidents settle with time, an early return to normal activities and the help and guidance of a physiotherapist. A few whiplash injuries do not settle well (although this is a small minority) and it is important to identify these as early as possible to ensure the most appropriate help is given. 

As well as physical injuries,  some people will suffer troubling psychological symptoms after an accident. They may not like driving past the scene of the accident or may become a nervous passenger in a car. We are aware of these difficulties and if they are causing a problem for you, we have in house counselling services available.

Arthritis in the Neck

In the simplest terms there are two kinds of arthritis that might affect your neck:

Degenerative arthritis, properly termed cervical spondylosis but sometimes referred to as osteoarthritis and thought of as “wear and tear”. This affects mostly an older age group and is sometimes associated with certain occupations or sporting activities that involved loading the neck/head in unusual ways. Equally some people who suffer with spondylosis don’t have it for any particular reason which they can identify.

Inflammatory arthritis –  this covers a family of disorders which includes rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis and a variety of less common disorders. Physiotherapy for these conditions forms part of a complete package of care which will most likely be under the guidance of a Consultant Rheumatologist and may involve several different specialists.

What can we do to help?

At City Physio we work with you and the other professionals involved in your care to make sure the best possible package of care is in place for you. We may advise on exercise regimes for you to maintain your condition or indulge in gentle hands on care to improve your movement or help you through a flare-up. We understand the difficulties you may be having and tailor your care appropriately.

City Physio can help.  Please feel free to contact us and book a consultation to review you symptoms further and to plan the most appropriate treatment for your condition.

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