Treatment and Physiotherapy Overview

Physiotherapy Treatments

In its purest terms physiotherapy is the treatment of disease by physical means. In practice physiotherapists treat a wide range of conditions ranging from sports injuries to back and neck pain, neurological conditions such as stroke or cerebral palsy and also help people return to health following surgery.

Here at City Physio we specialise in musculo-skeletal conditions. We see sports injury from recreational to elite athletes, neck and back pain, whiplash injuries following road traffic accidents and also work closely with a number of local consultants to ensure the speedy recovery of their patients following surgery.

All treatment provided by our physiotheraists is underpinned by a scentific base and based on widely accepted best practice principles. We maintain our clinical knowledge by attending regular professional development courses and Dominic also lectures widely to other health professionals including Masters Degree students at Queen Mary University London.

Our Physiotherapists

Here at City Physio, all of our physiotherapists are registered with the Health Professions Council and are also members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. We are legally entitled to use the protected titles “Physiotherapist”, “Physical Therapist” or “Chartered Physiotherapist”. Only those individuals who have followed an approved course in Physiotherapy at a recognised University are eligible for membership of the Chartered Society and are able to Register with the Health Professions Council.

Their registration details are below and you can check them by clicking on the links:

Dominic Dentry    CSP Number: 052929  Health Professions Council Registration Number: PH46170

Rachel Heda        CSP Number: 077076  Health Professions Council Registration Number: PH78689

Jon Charman       CSP Number:  065498  Health Professions Council Registration Number: PH60709

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy was granted its Royal Charter on 11th June 1920 for what was then known as the Chartered Society of Massage and Medical Gymnastics! For many years “Chartered Physiotherapist” was the legally protected title and many physiotherapists will still refer to themselves as Chartered Physiotherapists. Members of the Society are entitled to use the initials MCSP after their name.

Protection of Title

Since 2002 the titles “physiotherapist” and “physical therapist” have been protected by law. Anyone using one of these titles must be registered with the Health Professions Council, or they may be subject to prosecution and a fine of up to £5,000.

The Health Professions Council maintains a register of professionals in a number of groups (including paramedics, radiographers, podiatrists and dietitians) and sets standards for training, behaviour and levels of skills necessary to practice within the profession.

The Health Professions Council was formed in 2002 and took over the role previously played by the Council for Professions Supplementary to Medicine.

Should you wish to know more about the Physiotherapists at City Physio, or would like to book an appointment, please get in touch.

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