About City Physio

City Physio has been helping people get better since 1994. We have been working from our current location in Southsea since 1998 and the practice has steadily grown to now include 3 physiotherapists, two reception staff and the clinic also plays host to a number of other professions including acupuncture, clinical psychology, counselling and massage.

All treatment provided by our physiotherapists is underpinned by scientific study and based on widely accepted best practice principles.

We maintain our clinical knowledge by attending regular professional development courses and Dominic also lectures widely to other health professionals.

Dominic Dentry

Dominic was born and grew up in Portsmouth, attending Priory School and Portsmouth College before studying Physiotherapy at the Middlesex Hospital, London. He qualified 1993 and has worked in Southsea since, starting City Physiotherapy Centre in 1994.

His main clinical interests are in the treatment of neck and back problems and sports injuries. He also has a special interest in hip and shoulder problems.

Dominic has been involved in sports as a physiotherapist at the highest level. He has worked as Team Great Britain Physiotherapist with six different sports in more than 30 different countries around the world. This has included the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, World University Games, Youth Olympic Games, World Games and more than 15 Gymnastics World and European Championships. He is currently working with INEOS Britannia as they prepare their challenge for the 37th Americas Cup in 2024. If your injury is sports-related you can rely on one of the most experienced sports physiotherapists in the country to help you get to the root of your problem and find a solution.

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Dominic Dentry, physiotherapist. City Physio, Portsmouth

Rachael O’Leary

Rachael has taken over the mantle of being official practice “grown-up” since she joined us! Initially graduating in 1999 with a BSc in Sports Science, she then graduated with First Class Honours as a physiotherapist in 2003. Rachael spent six years as head physiotherapist at Havant Rugby Club and has a special interest in the diagnosis and treatment of shoulder problems. When she is not with us in the clinic, Rachael works as a clinical physio specialist at Queen Alexandra Hospital. Her experience of working closely with the Orthopaedic Consultants on a daily basis means that you will benefit from the knowledge she gains in this environment and the latest research guided treatment regimes.

When she is not keeping us in check, Rachael teaches Pilates, enjoys skiing and keeps one small dog, two small girls and one grown-up husband under control!

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Lucy Searle, Physiotherapist. City Physio, Portsmouth

Lucy Searle

Lucy joined City Physio in 2019 and brings 7 years experience as physiotherapist to the clinic. She graduated as a physiotherapist from Southampton University following a career change having discovered that she was more suited to helping people than designing zips!
She sees a wide range of conditions in the practice, having previously worked in musculoskeletal medicine at Southampton General Hospital before leaving to enjoy a better work-life balance.

When she is not with us she is likely to be found fuelled by home made cake undertaking triathlons, skiing, sailing and being mum to two busy children. She is the deputy grown-up at the practice.

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Reception based superstar Craig first came to the practice following a horrific road traffic accident which could easily have ended his life. We spent a long time helping him to rebuild his broken bits (which at times seemed to be most of him!)

Rebuilding his life after the accident involved learning new skills and training for a different career. A throwaway remark during a treatment session lead to Craig joining the practice and he soon became the person whose absence is felt most keenly when he is away.

If you call the practice in the mornings it is most likely to be Craig who answers the phone, finds you an appointment, e-mails you a reminder (if you require it) and then makes sure all your details arrive in the correct treatment room on the right day at the right time.

Never without a smile on his face, first in every morning, coffee maker just when it is most needed, Craig is example to anyone who has faced adversity in their life and is a testament to the resilience of his character and his attitude to life.

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Craig, City Physio, Portsmouth
Lisa, City Physio, Portsmouth


Queen of reception duties in the afternoons, Lisa picks up where Craig leaves off and brings her own unique mix of skills to the post.

Hard working, bright and friendly it is likely to be Lisa you speak to if you call in the afternoon or early evening.

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“I have been treated by City Physio for a few years now and thought i should probably write a review. Dom and his team at City are basically the reason i can walk and cycle as well as i can now. I honestly cannot recommend them enough. The treatment is excellent, and care and support is superb. I have always felt very safe being in their care in the knowledge that they can fix me. May seem a strange thing to say but having a debilitating disease can seem very isolating and scary at times which is something i have never felt due to these guys and that’s one of the most important factors for me. Thanks again guys, see you in two weeks! :).”

J. Bagge
Google Review

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step?

Here at City Physio, all of our physiotherapists are registered with the Health Care Professions Council and are also members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

We are legally entitled to use the protected titles “Physiotherapist” & “Physical Therapist”. Only those individuals who have followed an approved course in Physiotherapy at a recognised University are eligible to Register with the Health Care Professions Council.

Their registration details are below and you can check them by clicking on the links:

Dominic Dentry Health Care Professions Council Registration Number: PH46170

Jon Charman Health Care Professions Council Registration Number: PH60709

Rachael O’Leary Health Care Professions Council Registration Number: PH65123

Lucy Searle Health Care Professions Council Registration Number: PH102116


Some of our most common questions answered for your here. Should you have any questions not covers here, please don’t hesitate to ask. Click here to contact us.

Where are you?

We are situated at 61 Granada Road in Southsea. This is the Canoe Lake end of the road and we are on the ground floor of the third house in on the right with your back to the lake. You can find our location here.

What should I wear?

Appropriate dress – please wear or bring something that will enable us to see what we are treating whilst maintaining your modesty. Shorts if treating lower limbs, sleeveless tops for upper limbs, loose clothing or gym type kit for backs. We realise that this is a very personal thing – some people are quite embarrassed about removing their clothing while others do not mind. We are sensitive to this and will try at all times to accommodate you.

If your problem relates to running, please bring your running shoes with you.

Please also bring X-rays, scans or investigation results if you have them.

How much does treatment cost?

The cost for initial consultation and treatment is £65.00
Subsequent sessions of treatment are £60.00

How can I pay?

You can pay with cash, credit or debit cards or with Apple/Google Pay. We are also registered with most major health insurance companies.

Can I choose who I see?

We have four excellent physiotherapists, two male and two female. You may have been recommended to see a particular physiotherapist and we will of course accommodate this.

You may have a more general recommendation to the practice rather than to an individual and we will ask if you have a preference to see a man or a woman. When people are in a lot of pain the answer is often; “I don’t mind, whoever has the first free appointment!”

For other people the time of their appointment is the most important consideration and we will make arrangements accordingly.

When can I get an appointment?

The clinic opens from 9am-7pm Monday to Friday.

Where can I park?

We have our own onsite parking facilities for you whilst visiting the clinic. If the car park is full you can park on street outside. There are residents restrictions in place between 11am and midday and 6pm-7pm.

Do you accept Health Insurance?

Yes, we are registered with most of the major insurance companies, (BUPA, Cigna, AXAPPP, WPA etc). If your health insurance company is paying for your treatment please remember to bring your policy details and pre-authorisation number if you have one.

What will happen on my first visit?

The physiotherapist will take a history of your problem and will then make a detailed physical examination to get to the root of your problem. We will then explain the nature of your whatever is wrong with you and discuss with you the best way to treat it. We are usually able to start treatment on your first visit. Most treatments are pain free, at most there may be mild discomfort, although the therapist will explain and discuss treatment before starting.


We are following the guidance from The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy to operate the practice safely during the pandemic.

Face masks must be worn at all times whilst in the clinic. Your temperature will be taken and you will be asked to use hand sanitiser on arrival.

The physiotherapists are wearing facemasks during treatment sessions. The treatment rooms are ventilated and sanitised between patients.

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